Why Men of League decided to change its name after 20 years


One of Australia’s premier sporting charities has had a facelift, with the Men of League Foundation rebranding to “reflect and represent the community it supports”.

The independent grassroots foundation will now be known as the Family of League, changing its name 20 years after its inception to include the women and children it has supported.

The league family have done an incredible job of supporting former players, officials and anyone involved in rugby league who have fallen on hard times off the pitch, and the name change reflects their ambition to help all the world in sports.

The foundation was founded by rugby league greats Ron Coote, Jim Hall and Max Brown in 2002 and has provided over $10 million in financial support and 10,000 volunteer hours in the community.

“Our intent from day one was to use the principles of teamwork to give back to those in our game who are going through tough times,” Coote said.

“Our members – then and now – unite around a shared love of the game and the opportunity to positively impact the lives of those in need.

“Our new name says it all – we’re a family caring for the everyday heroes who keep league play in Australia thriving.”

Men of League Foundation members Mark Hanson and Greg Pershouse show Ian Templeman his mobility scooter.
Camera iconMen of League Foundation members Mark Hanson and Greg Pershouse show Ian Templeman his mobility scooter. Credit: News Regional media

The Family of League network has over 6,500 members and volunteers across Australia who lend their support to injured players, those who are trying hard or just lend a helping hand when needed.

Last year they teamed up with Sportsbet to raise over $250,000 for Mose Masoe to help him and his family after his devastating spinal injury.

The organization continues to grow each year, with donations from the public helping the League family bring amazing numbers to those in need.

“This year alone, the organization has invested more than $1.1 million in wellness initiatives to support rugby league’s everyday heroes,” said Family of League Chief Executive Stephen Lowndes.

“Our new name makes it clear to members of the rugby league family that we are here to support them when they need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on.

“Whether you are a fan, member, donor, partner or sponsor, there is room at our table for everyone who loves rugby league.”

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