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You can try out the Mistlands expansion for ‘Valheim’ right now

Good news for all fans of the Viking-themed survival title Walheim, long awaited game mists The biome update is currently available through the Test branch of the game.

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The update brings new creatures, enemies, and weapons along with new building and crafting materials. mists but the first detail is Walheimhas a biome system, which includes several new environmental additions, and is available to play through the latest test build of the game now.

For complete instructions on how to access the public test branch, see the Developer FAQ entry on Steam,

And if you really can’t wait, developer Iron Gate has released a trailer showcasing some new content, featuring new friends and enemies, as well as giving players a look at some of the new areas.

WalheimThe Mistlands expansion also brings a new magic system to the game. Players will be able to redirect magic staves by consuming food containing an ancient substance called Eitr, allowing them to control elemental and blood magic.

However, not everything is violent. WalheimNew building and crafting materials include new furniture with which you can decorate your Homestead. Additionally, the Viking settlements along the coast may have benefited from a comprehensive fishing system, providing a more peaceful view of Viking life.

“We’ve spent so much time creating the environments for Mistlands and are proud to finally give players a taste of what’s in the new biome,” said Henrik Tornqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios. “We are grateful for everyone’s patience and look forward to unraveling the mysteries of the Misty Lands.”

the magic of Walheim It lies in the way the Iron Gate was deliberate in its design. There is no filler. Every resource and every enemy serves a specific purpose,” said Albert Safstrom, Vice President of Publishing at Coffee Stain. “The Misty Lands aren’t just another biome at the end of the progression. It expands what is possible in the world and helps redefine the entire Walheim experience.

It is not yet known when we can expect an official launch WalheimThe Misty Lands expansion.

In other gaming news, Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Demon Hunters gets its first major DLC.

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